Thursday, 12 June 2014

Amazing 3D Printer

While driving to work this week the radio station was a buzz with talk about 3D printing. Can you imagination printing anything you want? Its hard to imagine but some people can. One man is printing everything you need to build a house and everything inside as well. His plan is to then build the house, fill it up with everything, and live in it! If you had a 3D printer what would you make and Why?


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  2. If I could make whatever I could imagine I would create a new xbox 2. You can make It turn on with your voceis and If It doesn't recognise your voices your can enter your passcode. You could have more than 6 people on It at once. You could say what you want to play and It will play and you can play any game on xbox 1 , xbox 360 anything you can Imagine on xbox’s bands. You can download music , It Is touch screen and It can be connect with Just your hand’s.

  3. 3D Printer.
    1. I would make a whole line of robot boxers!!!!! Because robot boxing is AWESOME!!!!!!! and a robot boxing match would be so cool to watch. These robot would be made out of metal, they would have a wireless control things that allows the user to control the robot, (and so on). Robot boxers are just robot that fight each other.

    2. I would print out a whole gaming company and make video games for a living and make lots of money!!!!!

  4. I was thinking about a robot that can fight. It is made out of metal and it will be called Loudnoise. He will be a robot fighter and he will fight Adam from the Real Steal movie.

  5. WOW! If I had a 3D printer I would print off money because I know my Mum would want to go around the world and have a spa pool. My brother would want a pool. My Dad would want to get more tools for his cars. I would want to help people in the hospital who are dieing, and to help my Mum’s leg to get better. Now when I think about it I don't want to print off money I will just print off the things that I need!

  6. If I had a 3d printer I would make two chromebook for me. one for school and one for home.
    I would play on games at home and I will do other stuff on the one at school.
    It will be cool to have my own 3d printer. I will put the 3d printer in my room
    for me and my family to make heap’s of stuff.Llike a pool and a big field
    and a manchin.

  7. If I had a 3D printer I would have a PSV. A PSV is a game console. You can touch the screen even when you play a game. When I first saw one I really wanted one because it looks awesome. It is black with a blue x, a purple square, a green triangle, and a red circle.

  8. What would I do if I had a 3D Printer? If I had a 3D printer I would print out loads of money. Why would I print off some money? So I could be rich and buy me and my family some subway.

  9. The amazing 3D Printer. If I had one I would make a big spa pool. I would put the spa pool close to my door so I could run through the house and jump into it. I would get my friends to come over and have a swim. We would eat lots of lollies in the pool and it will be fun.`

  10. Wow that was so awesome. If i had one of those 3D printers i would be asking for lots of Chromebooks, loads of money, make houses, and bring back peoples lives if they didn't deserve to die. I will make homes for those who need homes and need clothes .If i had the opportunity to do anything i would choose to help out the people who have lost there body parts and if they need a new heart i will make one. THATS WHAT I WILL DO IF I HAD A 3D PRINTER `

  11. If I had a 3D Printer I would make an Xbox 360.
    Because when I first saw one I really wanted was Red.And it is a square.

  12. Wow That Is So amazing That 3D Printer. If I had one of those it would I be so exited. and it will be so grate for some stuff.

  13. If my mum had a three d printer she would print another house with stairs in it and if she was hungry she can just tell the printer to cook me some subway. If my dad had a three d printer he would print another set of tools. He will use the tools he printed to work on his car. If I had a three d printer I would print loads of money and give some to my family.

  14. Seth - A dinosaur
    Eruera - A robot
    Teneal - A rainbow
    Jade - A monster truck
    JayJay - A monster truck car
    Kireesha - Unicorn
    Deziray - A mermaid
    Tevana - The sea
    Santino - A motorbke
    Terence - A T-Rex
    Tina-Rose - A butterfly

    1. You guys have thought of some amazing things to make... I love the idea of making something that is from stories or myths and legends like a mermaid or unicorn. Good thinking Kireesha and Deziray.

  15. Simply I just want one, oh the things I could duplicate leaves no boundaries to the imagination... size might pose a problem.
    Id like a ferrari! in red of course.

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  17. Hi Ann... Thanks so much for posting a comment. My class was very excited reading your comment. Cheers Nathan